Ready Instantly After Payment

Your TeamSpeak server is ready to use after payment

Auto-AFK System

Automataically move inactive users to a designated channel

5GB File Space

Share up to 5 Gigabytes of files inside your server (Optional)

Custom Hostname

Official custom hostname (Optional)

Server Snapshot & Restore

Backup and restore your server settings and info

Group Permissions Restore

Make a mistake? No problem! Restore default group permissions

Satisfaction Guarantee

30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Server Locations

Included with every paid TeamSpeak Server

  • Server Group Protection to kick unauthorized members
  • Auto Moves clients to specified channels on connection
  • Server Group Notify sends a message to specified clients
  • Bad nickname check to kick people with a bad name from the server
  • Bad channel name check to delete channels with a bad name
  • Move idle users to another channel and sends a message
  • Kick idle users with a kick reason
  • Send a warning message if someone is idle
  • Move idle client and move back to previous channel when they return
  • Move to a specified channel if headphone or microphone muted
  • Move recording users to another channel and sends a message
  • Kick recording users from server with a kick reason
  • Send a message every X minutes to virtual server or a special channel
  • Send a welcome message to every connecting client based on server groups
  • !lastseen chat command to see somebody's last online time

Optional paid feature with every paid TeamSpeak Server

Stream YouTube Playlists

Stream music to your TeamSpeak server from YouTube Playlists

Control From TeamSpeak

Use text commands from your TeamSpeak application to control the music bot

5GB File Space

Share up to 5 Gigabytes of music inside your music bot (Optional)

Easy User Interface

With an easy to use web interface you can easily customize your music and bot

A Teamspeak Server Allows You to Connect and Talk with Your Friends

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