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$ 7.00 Oct 01, 2022 Bigos Support the true and only flotilla... DEF !
$ 43.20 Jun 24, 2021 DEF-STAFF explained in www.donitzeliteflotilla.com/forum/index.php?msg=3529
$ 64.80 Mar 14, 2020 DEF-STAFF http://www.donitzeliteflotilla.com explained in msg=15103
$ 9.00 Jan 26, 2020 grujo86 Keep us communicate Oliver, never surender. Kick Lame'os. Small donation from ex YUGO friend...Not so much but from hearth. Poor but proud...
$ 64.80 Mar 21, 2019 DEF-STAFF http://www.donitzeliteflotilla.com
$ 64.80 Feb 26, 2018 gatordad I desire to see DEF TS3 running uninterrupted, and as such, make my contribution for 12 months.
$ 24.30 Nov 22, 2017 Gatordad This is to keep our current TS3 server up until we are sure the new one is ready.

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