Teamspeak Support :: How to add an icon to the TeamSpeak 3 server name

  1. Open the "Edit Virtual Server" Dialog
    Right click on your "Server Name" at the top of the TeamSpeak 3 window and select the "Edit Virutal Server" option.

    Edit Virtual Server

  2. Adding the Icon
    Next to "Icon:" you'll click the arrow button, then select "Edit Icon". This will allow you to view your icons avaiable to select from.

    Edit Icon

  3. Select the Icon
    You can double click on the icon you want to select for the server name here.

    Select Icon

  4. Apply the Settings
    On the "Manage Virtual Server" window you'll click the "Apply" button to save the changes to the server name icon. You should now see that the icon has been applied to the server name.

    Apply Settings For Icon