Teamspeak Support :: How to ban a user from TeamSpeak 3

  1. Select Whom You Want To Ban
    Right click on the user you want to ban, then click on the "Ban Client" option.

    Select Who To Ban

  2. Ban the User
    If you want to give a reason for the banning you'll put it in the "Reason:" box although you do not need to enter this. You can also change how long the person will be banned for.

    Enter the Ban Information
  3. Information:

    When you ban a user it bans them based on IP address and unique teamspeak ID. If either of these are changed by the end user they can login again if they know the server password.

    Its recommended to put a password on your main channels inside the server to prevent random people from disrupting you. This allows users to enter without a password to the server and you can direct them into your channels after you have validated them.