Teamspeak Support :: Running TeamSpeak 3 for the first time

  1. License agreement
    Scroll and read through the TeamSpeak license agreement and agree to the terms by clicking "I Accept" button.

    License agreement acceptance

  2. Setup Wizard
    Click the "Next" button to get started with the setup wizard.

    Start Setup Wizard

  3. Enter A Nickname
    Enter any nickname that you wish to be seen as when you connect to a server. This can be anything you want it to be.

    Setup Wizard Nickname

  4. Microphone Settings
    Decide if you want the program to automatically start recording your voice or use a button to push and hold to talk.

    Setup Wizard Voice Mode

  5. Microphone Settings (continued)
    At this point you can test your microphone settings and determine if you have the microhpone working correctly.

    Setup Wizard Microphone Test

  6. Key Bindings
    If you wish to use a button to instantly set your microphone and speakers mute ability then set them by clicking at the top of the screen at this page. If not, just click the "Next" button.

    Setup Wizard Hotkey Setup

  7. Sound Pack Selection
    Select the sound pack that you wish to be played when a TeamSpeak event happens. You can click on the "Play" icons below to have a better sense on what they would sound like.

    Setup Wizard Pick Sound Pack

  8. All Done!
    Click the "Finish" button to end the setup wizard and to start TeamSpeak.

    Setup Wizard Finish