Teamspeak Support :: How to install TeamSpeak 3

  1. Download TeamSpeak 3
    Go to TeamSpeak 3's download page at and download the version that relates to your computer.

    Download TeamSpeak

  2. Execute the File
    Double click on the exe file that was downloaded from TeamSpeak's website to start the installation process and then click the "Next" button.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 1

  3. Software Usage Agreement
    Read through the License Agreement, accept the terms and click the "Next" button.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 2

  4. Installation Users
    If you want to install TeamSpeak 3 for anyone who will use the computer you'll just click the "Next" button. Otherwise select "just for me" and click "Next".

    TeamSpeak Install Step 3

  5. Installation Location
    This step will pick where you want to install the program to on your hard drive click the "Next" button to continue. We suggest just leaving it to the default install location.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 4

  6. User Settings
    Select where you want to save the files for the user information to be stored.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 5

  7. TeamSpeak 3 Overlay
    TeamSpeak 3 offers a third party overlay to be installed. If you want to see who is talking inside of the TeamSpeak 3 server while playing your game this is an option.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 6

  8. Start Menu Option
    If you want to change the TeamSpeak 3 program name under the "Start Menu" then you'll change the location here. Click "Install" to start the installation.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 7

  9. Install Complete
    Push the "Close" button to close the software installer. You'll now be able to double click the icon to start the TeamSpeak 3 software.

    TeamSpeak Install Step 8