Teamspeak Support :: TS3MusicBot Command list

  1. Before you can use these commands you must have Admin or User access in the control panel.
    The server owner must login at and add the desired users to Admin or User access.

  2. Say the command.
    Say command in in Server Chat, The Channel the MusicBot is in or Private chat with the MusicBot
    For example to play a YouTube link say: !link

Command Description
!say "your message" en/de/pl/... The TS3MusicBot will say "your message". The default language can be set in the TS3MusicBot settings. The abbreviation for English is 'en'.
!radio Displays a list of all radio stations.
!music Displays a list of all media files.
!playlist/!pl Displays a list of all playlists.
!search xxxxxxxxx Search in the music, radio and playlist folder with the given search string. Example: !search remix (will find all files with the word 'remix' in the name).
!radio radio_playlist_file Begins playing a radio station.
!music music_file Begins playing a media file.
!stop Stop the Playback.
!playlist/!pl playlist_file Begins playing a playlist.
!youtube/!yt/!link/!url http://youtubelink Begins playing a Youtube video (or other links -> see here).
!prev/!previous Plays the previous track.
!next Plays the next track.
!ytgoto NUMBER Jump to the Youtube video from a currently playing playlist with the position NUMBER.
!q/!queue List current songs in queue.
!addyt/!addyoutube/!addlink/!addurl http://link Add a youtube, soundcloud or other link to queue.
!addmusic MUSIC_FILE Add a single song to queue.
!downloadradio http://dirctlinktoplaylistfile nametosave.filetype Load a radio playlist down and stores it in the radio folder.
!downloadmusic http://dirctlinktomediafile nametosave.filetype Load a media file down and stores it in the music folder.
!deleteradio radiofile Deletes a radio.
!deletemusic musicfile Delete a media file.
!deleteplaylist playlistfile Deletes a playlist.
!vol/!volume + Increases the volume.
!vol/!volume - Decreases the volume.
!vol/!volume 0-100 Set the volume to a desired value.
!vol/!volume ? Display current volume.
!pause Pause the TS3MusicBot.
!mute Mute the TS3MusicBot.
!repeat Repeat the current playing music file/folder or youtube/soundcloud playlist.
!randomradio/!zap/!zapp Plays a random radio station from
!welcomesoundoff Temporarily disable the welcome message.
!playall Plays all media files in the music folder.
!random Plays all media files in the music folder in random order if nothing is playing. If a youtube playlist or a own music playlist is running, the list gets shuffled and restarted in a random order.
!youtubedownload/!ytdl URL Loading and converts a Youtube video down and stores it as .mp3 file in the 'music/Youtube downloads' folder.
!history/!lastplayed Shows a list from the last 20 played files.
!setavatar IMAGE_URL Set the given image from url as client avatar.
!removeavatar Removes the current set client avatar image.
!channelcommander Toggle channel commander for the client (the client will need the rights to become channelcommander).
!restart Restarts the TS3MusicBot (admin control only).