Teamspeak Support :: How to Create and Play Non-YouTube Playlists

  1. To Upload Songs to the Music Bot, please follow this guide.

  2. After Uploading Songs to the TS3MusicBot, you can create a Playlist by clicking "Edit", Selecting the Song(s) then click, Create Playlist.
    Create Playlist 1

  3. Input a name into the "New Playlist Name" field, then click on "Create" If you use a name of a Playlist that is already created, it will add that song to the Playlist that is already created.
    Create Playlist 2

  4. You can click on "Playlist" on the Left side of the MusicBot WebInterface, then click on your Playlist name to play it in the server.
    You can also use the "!pl [PlaylistName]" in the Teamspeak 3 client if you are a MusicBot admin to play a created Playlist.
    Create Playlist 3