Using TeamSpeak With World of Warcraft

You and your friends will enjoy voice communication using the TeamSpeak software. Here are a few questions and answers related to using TeamSpeak with World of Warcraft or any application.

Is TeamSpeak related to World of Warcraft?

No. The TeamSpeak program is not related to anything inside the World of Warcraft game.

What do I need to use TeamSpeak with World of Warcraft?

  1. Microphone and speakers(headset prefered) connected to your computer. Details...
  2. A TeamSpeak Server to connect to. Details...
  3. You will need to have downloaded and installed the TeamSpeak Client program to your computer. Details...

How do I use TeamSpeak with World of Warcraft?

TeamSpeak is a voice chat program you run on your computer before you open World of Warcraft or any application. Thus enabling you to talk while playing any game or using any software.

  1. Open TeamSpeak and connect to a TeamSpeak Server
  2. Join a channel in TeamSpeak where your friends are talking. (Double Click on the channel to join)
  3. Verify that you can talk to and hear your friends. Details...
  4. Open your World of Warcraft game as you normaly do, but keep the TeamSpeak program on. Now you will be able to talk to your friends inside while you play.